Customer Reviews
Opinion of Zulkifli Ahmed about
Philips AVENT Natural 260ml (9oz) Special Edition (Pink) Twin Pack
Good service. Harga pulak paling murah. Nanti nak repeat order lagi.

Opinion of Rohana about
Philips AVENT Natural 260ml (9oz) Special Edition (Blue) Twin Pack
Best shopping kat Murah & Cepat

Opinion of Selina Lim about
Philips AVENT Natural 260ml (9oz) Special Edition (Blue) x 1 (Loose - No Box)
LittleKids never let me down. I'm a regular customer for more than 4 years since my 1st baby until my 3rd baby... Thank you and keep up the good work

Opinion of Fatimah Sulong about
Philips Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump with Milk Storage Cups + Free Gift (worth of RM39.60)
Good price and best service. This is my 5th order..

Opinion of Reen about
Philips Avent Classic Plus Bottle 11oz/330ml (Twin Pack)
i suka beli dari web ni,especially barangan avent.Fast Service.

Opinion of edy about
Tupperware Family Day Out Set

Opinion of Shirley Ong about
Philips AVENT Classic Soother 0-6m Twin Pack - I Love Mama
I like this design :)

Opinion of Malar about
Philips AVENT British Edition Soothers 6-18m Twin Pack
I love shopping at Little Kids.

Opinion of Shantini about
Philips Avent Classic Plus Bottle 125ml (4oz) Single Pack (1) - Loose No Box
Never get Avent bottle cheaper from this website. Fast delivery. Thumb up

Opinion of Aini Kamal about
Philips Avent Classic Plus Bottle 9oz/260ml (Twin Pack)
Little Kids harga Avent yg termurah. Berpuas hati sangat. Service tip top

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RM113.90 RM84.00
Tupperware Blossom Party Set with Tray (1)   Tupperware Blossom Party Set With Tray ..
RM124.90 RM92.00
RM120.00 RM88.00
Tupperware Cosy Nest (4) 2.5L PLUS FREE Cosy Nest (4) 1.2L Comprises : 4 x Cosy Nest 2.5L (App..
RM156.00 RM115.00
Tupperware Cosy Nest (4) 500ml Comprises : 2 x Cosy Nest 500ml - Apple Green 2 x Cosy Nest ..
RM60.00 RM44.00
Tupperware Crystal Bowl (8) 250ml   Comprises: 8 x Tupperware Crystal Bowl 250ml ..
RM88.00 RM65.00
Tupperware Crystalwave (1) 1L - Yellow Comprises:   Crystal Wave Bowl 1 x (1L) - 22.2cm ..
RM41.00 RM29.00
Tupperware CrystalWave Divided Dish 1 x Tupperware Crystalwave Divided Dish Yellow ..
RM44.60 RM32.00
RM83.20 RM61.00
RM108.00 RM79.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle 1L (Lime)   Durable, Colourful and enviromentally friendly, these b..
RM29.00 RM21.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle 750ml Green & Purple (Twin Pack)   Durable, Colourful and envir..
RM54.00 RM40.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle 750ml Orange And Blue (Twin Pack)   Durable, Colourful and envirome..
RM54.00 RM40.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle 750ml Sea Green And LIme (Twin Pack)   Durable, Colourful and envir..
RM54.00 RM40.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle Berry Burst 750ml Red And Purple (Twin Pack)   Durable, Colourful a..
RM54.00 RM40.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle Blue 750ml   Durable, Colourful and enviromentally friendly, these ..
RM27.00 RM20.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle Orange 750ml   Durable, Colourful and enviromentally friendly, thes..
RM27.00 RM20.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle Tropical 750ml Aqua Blue & Lime Green (Twin Pack)   Durable, Co..
RM54.00 RM40.00
Tupperware Eco Bottle White With Charm 750ml   Durable, Colourful and enviromentally ..
RM30.00 RM23.00
Tupperware Elegancia Bowl (1) 3.2L   Comprises : 1) Elegancia Bowl (1) 3.2L ..
RM95.00 RM45.00
Tupperware Fiddles Set - BLUE Comprises: Large Square-A-Way (1) 620ml Blue Fiddles Eco Bott..
RM65.50 RM45.00
RM76.80 RM72.96
RM120.90 RM96.72
Tupperware Freezer Mates Medium 1.5L ..
RM29.60 RM25.16
Tupperware Frezer Mates Small 650ml x 2   ..
RM46.80 RM39.78
Tupperware FreezerMate Fresh Set (1) PLUS FREE GIFT (worth RM88.80) Comprises: 2 x FreezerMate..
RM166.40 RM124.80
  Tupperware FreezerMate Medium II (2) 1.5L - Blue & Blue Comprises: 2 x Tupperwar..
RM67.00 RM50.00
Tupperware FreezerMate Small II (4) 650ml - Green & Green Comprises: 4 x Tupperware Freeze..
RM93.60 RM70.00
Tupperware Fridge Bottle (1) 2L - ORANGE ..
RM45.00 RM33.75
PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware Fridge Bottle (1) 2L -SAFFRON   ..
RM45.00 RM33.75
Tupperware Fridge Bottle (1) 2L - WILD MULBERRY   ..
RM45.00 RM33.75
Tupperware Fridge Stackable (2) 1.4L Comprises :  2 x Fridge Stackable 1.4L Dimension ..
RM75.00 RM56.00
Tupperware Fridge Bottle (1) 2L - LIME ..
RM45.00 RM32.00
Tupperware Happy Family Eco Bottle Set (4) Consists of: 1 x Eco Bottle Fliptop 1L  - Blue..
RM121.90 RM90.00
PRODUCT DETAILS  Tupperware Hipster Pop High Handolier with Pouch (1) 1.5L Comprises: ..
RM59.90 RM45.00
PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware Insulated Round Server (1) 1.4L Comprises : 1) Insulated Round S..
RM82.90 RM44.00
RM94.40 RM66.08
Tupperware Junior Season Serve (1) 1.2L Comprises: 1 x Junior Season Serve 1.2L   ..
RM45.00 RM30.00
Tupperware Kid's Birthday Party Set   Have young kids and want to create memorable pa..
RM207.00 RM88.00
Tupperware Large Canister (2) 5.0L Comprises: 2 x Large Canister 5.0 L   ..
RM108.20 RM81.00
RM26.00 RM14.50
Tupperware Little Petals One Touch Set Comprises: No.1 - One Touch Topper Medium With prints 4..
RM216.40 RM160.00
Tupperware Lunch To Go Comprises :  1 x Rectangular Divided Lunch Box 1 x Cutleries Se..
RM81.40 RM65.00
PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware Microwaveable Meal Maker     ..
RM68.80 RM50.00
RM261.60 RM162.19
RM110.20 RM99.18
Tupperware Modular Bowl (1) 4L - Lime   ..
RM49.50 RM37.00
Tupperware Modular Colander with Seal (1) 4 L - Moss Green   Limited Edition Use Colan..
RM49.50 RM37.00
RM236.40 RM177.30
RM97.80 RM78.24
Tupperware Mood Mugs with Gift Box (7)   ..
RM135.00 RM92.00
Tupperware One Touch Bowl (2) 500ml   Comprises: 2 x One Touch Bowl 500ml   ..
RM31.00 RM24.80
PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware One Touch Mural Set  Comprises: 2 x One Touch Topper Small ..
RM132.40 RM85.00
Tupperware One Touch Topper Canister Blue (1) 2.1L   Comprises: 1 x One Touch Topper C..
RM29.80 RM23.84
RM20.10 RM18.09
RM25.60 RM21.76
RM188.60 RM148.99
RM109.20 RM80.00
RM109.20 RM80.00
Tupperware Planes Handolier - Chupacabra (1) 1.1L Comprises : 1 x Planes Handolier - Chupacabr..
RM48.90 RM44.01
Tupperware Planes Handolier - Dusty (1) 1.1L Comprises : 1 x Planes Handolier - Dusty 1.1L ..
RM48.90 RM44.01
Tupperware Poppy Set - PINK Comprises: Large Square-A-Way (1) 620ml Pink Poppy Eco Bot..
RM65.50 RM49.00
          Only 1 unit left in stock - Order now !! ..
RM95.10 RM76.08
RM50.50 RM45.45
RM89.90 RM80.91
RM46.80 RM37.44
Tupperware Smart Handolier with Pouch (1) 1.5L - GREEN Comprises:  1 x Smart Ha..
RM59.90 RM44.00
Tupperware Smart Saver Square Set (Orange) Comprises: 1 x Square 1 1.1L 6,2cm (H) ..
RM212.60 RM159.00
RM186.30 RM167.67
Tupperware Snack It (1) 1.75L Dimension : 21.8cm (L) x 14.6cm (W) x 8.8cm (H)   ..
RM59.90 RM40.00
Tupperware Snack N All (4) 550ml Comprises: 4 x Snack N All 550ml      ..
RM64.00 RM48.00
PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware Snack N Chess Comprises : 1 x Tumbler Keeper 500ml 1 x Round ..
RM58.90 RM38.00
PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware So Fresh Comprises : A1254 = 11729623 +11531890 2 x So Fres..
RM141.00 RM85.00
Tupperware Soyscape Mini Server Med - Chili (330ml) Dimension : 5.9cm (D) x 17.4cm (H) ..
RM29.60 RM23.68
Tupperware Spring Floral One Touch   Comprises: 4 x Topper Medium 1.4L 2 x Canister..
RM244.30 RM180.00
Tupperware Square Round Set with Gift Box Comprises: 4 x Square Round 400ml 4 x Medium Squa..
RM233.90 RM175.00
Tupperware Stackable Large (1) 3.5L   ..
RM97.00 RM67.90
PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware Stackable Small (1) 1.0L & Fork & Spoon (2)   Produ..
RM63.00 RM35.00
Tupperware Take and Go Set Comprises: Large Square-A-Way (2) 620ml 15.9cm (L) x 14.9cm (W) x ..
RM114.70 RM75.00
Tupperware Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch (1) 900ml - GREEN Comprises:  1 x Thirstquake T..
RM47.50 RM35.00
 PRODUCT DETAILS Tupperware Twinkle Baby Goes Fishing Gift Set Comprises : 1 x Baby Bo..
RM133.50 RM77.00
Tupperware Twinkle Cutlery Set (18 - 36M) Comprises : 1) 1 x Twinkle Cutlery Set (11107784) ..
RM16.90 RM16.56
Tupperware Twinkle Feeding Bowl 430ml (18 - 36M) Comprises : 1) 1 x Twinkle Feeding Bowl 430ml..
RM15.90 RM12.00
Tupperware Twinkle Straw Brush (18 - 36M) Comprises : 1) 1 x Twinkle Straw Brush ..
RM5.00 RM3.75
Tupperware Twinkle Training Cup 250ml (6 - 18M)   Comprises : 1) 1 x Twinkle Training ..
RM33.00 RM33.00
Tupperware Twinkle Tup Set  Comprises : 1 x Twinkle Snack Cup 150ml 1 x Twinkle Traini..
RM101.50 RM75.00
Tupperware VentSmart Rectangular Medium Low (1) 1.8L Want to save space and keep your fruits and ..
RM79.00 RM54.00
Tupperware VentSmart Rectangular Small High (1) 1.8L Want to save space and keep your fruits and ..
RM68.90 RM45.00
Tupperware Wonderful Life Set Four fun & vibrant designs in one set Perfect for keeping spice..
RM220.00 RM132.00